Top pl sql Interview Questions and Answers

pl sql interview questions and answers

In this technology world, there is impossible for everyone to answer pl sql interview questions and answers carefully and mentally. You should need to be preparing well before facing such pl sql interview questions during the interview session. Here we are providing some pl sql interview questions and their answers with some relevant examples and techniques. Hope they will help you during your difficult days. We have chosen only few interview questions that can be asked mostly.

When compile time errors occurs?

These errors happen on that times when you are trying to run a new pl/sql program or looking for storing purposes. These compile time errors also occur when you are running pl/sql statements. These errors can be captured by the help of parser.

Tell me the syntax that will check pl/sql?

Pl/sql syntax doesn’t need any trigger to be checked because it remains always checked. You can use this always when you are facing some issues regarding anonymous pl/sql programs.

Can you explain exception handling on pl/sql?

This is absolutely difficult interview question and you will not expecting like that pl sql interview questions because it has less meanings to explain. There are two blocks are used in pl/sql programs. Exception block is usually used for managing different exceptions while Declare block will be there where you will use user defined exceptions.

pl sql interview questions

Tell me about error stack in pl/sql?

Error stack is used to sequence the errors from a special triggering event to the exceptional calling block of previous code. Here pl/sql runs the code by throwing an exception in the begin block and code is run in the exception block.

Tell me how many errors we will get in triggering database?

Database triggers behave on two types of patterns. One is for critical error and the other one is for non critical error. This error can be on security issues and other audit issues and include unauthorized updates to system plates and views. This can be handled by a hacker to steal your information.

Can triggers call other stored procedures and how?

When database object is called by transactional program, triggers are automatically activated as like table or view. These triggers can also call other functions, procedures and packages. Other language commands cannot be used when triggers are called. These commands are save point, Rollback and commit.

These short pl sql interview questions can’t give you prepare well so you should need more preparation along with these interview questions.

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