Top 5 Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Now a days there are lot of sources due to which the opportunity to get high paying jobs is getting difficult because of high competition between the candidates. If you will give good phone interview questions to your interviewers this will also help to reduce time in practicing more works.
As we know that technology has changed the whole world by providing different facilities, inquiring different techniques and to give easiest ways to secure your positions in their related fields. Phone interview questions are the most advanced interview questions that can enhanced your capabilities to recognize your communication skills in your professions.

phone interview questions
Today we are giving some most asked Phone Interview Questions in our article to secure your position more easily with the help of more advanced communication techniques and sources. So if you want success then you should prepare yourself before facing these phone interview questions.
1: Tell me reason why you leave your previous Position?
Here he wants to know of your recent left job. I think this would be one of the tough interview questions ever asked. This would be helpful if you are well prepared and give more precise answer on a short time. If you will give negative reviews about your boss, colleagues, about you boring work and no practical fields, this will definitely do wrong impression on interviewer and will result in your selection to be rejected.
2: Tell me your current position in your previous job?
This question looks easiest because in this question he is just asking your previous position. You were manager, site engineer or supervisor. Just go on to answer this question confidently and explain your profile and work experience on previous company. This will give positive expression on interviewers.
3: What are your weakness and strongest points?
Try to give answer this question carefully because this question has a lot of meanings to express. If you have strong oral communication skills then don’t hesitate to attach this as a strongest point. In several companies mostly candidates are selected if they have full command on communication. But if you are assure of any other strong point then feel free to express even weakest point too.
4: How much do you know about the company?
You should do a lot of research about company profile to give answer this question properly. You should answer like this, I have heard about this company on a newspaper where I saw company latest projects doing in different fields. This encourages me to secure a highest position in my related field.

5: What first will you do if we offer job today?
This will be one of the toughest phone interview questions because of no sense of this question to answer properly.We will suggest you again to research about company profile and ongoing projects in your opposite field to. If you know the company’s objectives and values then you will be ready to face such type of questions very easily and securely.
Hope these phone interview questions will help you monetize your practical and professional field.
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