Top Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewing for typical job can be very stressful for some person. The jobs interview could make some person very nervous, but it can be very easy if you practice the oracle interview questions in advance which you expect to be asked by the interviewing manager.

Here are some of the top oracle interview questions that you can expect to be asked in oracle interview questions. It is very interesting career field for someone who is interested in computer.

The interviewing manager can ask you two types of questions first type of questions are that he would ask you general type of question about yourself and in second type of questions he would ask about things related to your field.

We have tried to provide you with both types of very important oracle Interview questions which you can expect to come on your interview as well.

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Tell Me about Yourself

It is the question that is most frequently asked by the interviewing manager. This is a typical question because he doesn’t mean to tell everything about you he means to describe yourself in few lines.

You could give him some examples from your past job experience which show how smart and skillful you are? You have to give the answer in such a way that it makes you different from the other applicant.

Why Should We Hire You?

This type of question is asked to check how determined are you to get this job you have to tell them what makes you special from others you could answer that by telling them that

“All other applicant must be very skillful, but I will do this job as a passion I have good skill to communicate with others my priority will be to make this company better I will do my best to reach to my goals and objectives”.

And you could keep on telling them that how much more hard work you would put and how you would tackle the problems when you face them.

Tell Me about Your Previous Job Experience

Your previous job experience is not only about the things about your company, but also includes the behavior of other person.

You should avoid telling the negative things about your company or the other employees that have worked with you. You should tell them how has the job affected your life in a positive manner tell them about the good things that you have because of your previous job. In this way you will be positive way in oracle interview questions asked from interviewer.

Describe Index

These types of questions are related to your field they have nothing to do with your personal life or job experience you have to give their answer straightforward you have to tell everything you know about index.

Index is an optional structure that has entry for each value that appears in indexed column of the table. Index is directly related to the rows of the table. So should be ready for every coming oracle interview questions during interview.

Explain the Difference between Cluster and Non Cluster Index

Cluster index is the type of index that can change the order of records that are stored physically in the table. An Index has only one cluster index

Non cluster index is the type of index in which the physical stored order does not match the logic order in row index. The leaf node of non cluster index contains index rows.

What Is the Difference between Hot Backup and Cold Backup?

Hot data is online data backup. This backup is performed on data while data is online, but it can still be used. This is the standard way of doing backup because you can any time backup your data to the database.

Cold data backup is done when the data are shutdown. It is also called as offline data backup during Back up it can be used by the user, but it is the safest way to back up your data because it avoids the risk of copying data. The cold data backup does not require any archive blog so it is the most convenient way to backup your data.

What Is RMAN?

RMAN is the oracle recovery manager it is used to back up the oracle data. A user can log in and back the oracle data to its database. Hope these some oracle interview questions will help you for your preparation to secure your position.

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