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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

During your Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions process most of the interviewers focus will be to check what you know about practical work how much you know about this profession and you can also be asked about different definitions from your course.

Before going to the interviewer’s room just relax yourself and don’t get panic because it is no big deals trust me. You interview depends on you and your knowledge.

You also have to be very careful to give answers. You may also be asked about your strategy to control the team and also how you would get maximum output from your team.

You will also be asked about your past experiences and also that why you want this job and what benefits you can give them if they choose you.

During you interview you will be asked two types of question one of the general questions about you and your past experiences and other questions from your studies.

Here is some of the general type Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions which we captured from different articles and shrink them for you.

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Introduce Yourself

This question will asked be from you in almost all of the interviews you give. Just tell them things about yourself that are not present in your documents that you have given to the company.

Why Do We Select You?

You should not start telling them your qualities. It is best that you tell them something about your work and also tell them how much you know about this work you have to tell them such things that leave a positive impression on them. The things that make them think that you are well experienced.

Why Do You Left Your Last Job?

Tell them the reason why you left, but don’t be too negative about the company or the employs because it would leave your bad impression on them.

Tell Some of Your Weaknesses

This is a very tricky question and the best way to answer this is that you tell your weaknesses in such a way that they also seem to be qualities in you.

Why Do You Want This Job?

The answer is very simple just tell them whatever the reason is like you want to make a name for yourself or your financial issues if you have any or you just like your profession.

Other type of questions asked from you will be from your books that you have studied. This is just to check that if you know something about your profession or not and if you can meet their standards or not.

Describe FOF

FOF stands for Face of Flange and a flange have two faces

  • Raised Face
  • Flat Face

It is used to measure the accurate length in case of horizontal or vertical pipelines

What is Otto Cycle?

This cycle explains the complete functioning of an engine which takes place in four steps, which starts with Intake stroke followed by combustion and power stroke and in the end exhaust stroke.

Describe Gear Ratio

This is easy one of the Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions to describe well. Just Google it and get more precise answer but we are giving this answer be like this: It is the ratio of numbers per revolution of smaller gear to revolution of larger gear

Explain Why Entropy Change for Reversible Adiabatic Process Is Zero

It is zero because there is no enthalpy change.

Give Two Conditions of Ideal Gas

It satisfies the state equation and has constant specific heats.

Explain UDL

UDL stands for uniformly distributed load and is a load, which is when spread over the beam then each unit length bears same load.

Which Is the Best Conductor Steel, Copper Or Brass?

Copper is the best conductor because it is also a best conductor of electricity.

Why Double Pulley is better than the single pulley?

It is better because it requires half the effort, but double the distance.

Explain Newtonian Fluid

It is a fluid that possesses linear stress strain relationship and its properties do not change when any force acts on it. These Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions depend upon your preparation if you are well prepared then it will be good to answer well.

Do You Have Any Question For Me?

This is the last question asked from you in almost all the interviews and is also important question because many people do not ask any question, which is not good if you want to get your job then, ask them questions like what is the further in the process after the interview? or anything about their company.

Hope these Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions will help you in your interview preparations because we did our best to show most asked Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and you will definitely optimized yourself.

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