Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers 2017

Job Interview Questions and Answers

If you want to need full preparation for job interview questions and Answers  then first you should know that what questions may be asked from interviewers so do practice for improvement. There will be lot of difficult questions if you are giving interview first time.

The interviewer will try to capture your mind by asking unusual questions that you were not expecting. But if you are lucky and interviewer is polite person then simple job interview questions may be expected.

So we will suggest you to practice as much as you can prepare yourself. Here we are giving some useful job interview questions and answers tips. So use them to get interviewing skills and ability to answer right answer on right time.

job interview questions and answers

Tell me about yourself  

This question looks like simple but it has variety of answer to give don’t give it easy. In this question he is trying to know who you are and why you think that you are the best campaigner for this post. First try to introduce yourself about your education and what you like best for this. Don’t give more than 4 minutes to answer this question.

You should talk to him about what you have done to be suitable for this post. If you use examples then it will be like silver becomes gold and also try to explain your background and experience.

What is your Long term objective?

The biggest concern of a company is that the person it is hiring stays in company for longer time. Always keep this thing in mind and pitch; I am hardworking and loyal by default.

Obviously an enthusiastic young person want to be prominent in society or organization and you could only prove yourself If you are determined for bringing outclass results for organization.

I have given interviews in some companies, have also visited some companies during graduation, but this is my dream kind of organization. I would love to be a part and definitely a pillar kind of part of this organization through my result-oriented approach”

Are you a Team Player?

In this question that looks like simple but has some strength to express this question because everyone thinks that it is easy to respond. So everyone answers yes without giving more details.

This is not a yes or No type question and required from you to provide some behavioral examples done during your studies, practical work and professional career if you have got and is the additional plus point.

You should answer this question: “I am a good team player and have achieved some useful skills and opportunities to utilize them on schools, college and on university level”. Additional advantage is to give some details about recent project. Discuss your strengths about the team as a individual and also describe your conflicts how you handle these within a team. So don’t consider easy question.

job interview tips

What is your main Weakness?

In many career books strengths are given to represent as a weakness. If you give answer just do hard work and hard work then you are wrong because presenting your strengths as a weakness will be betraying and does not belong to exact question.

I will suggest you to answer that question how you were facing difficulties to overcome your problems in the past. For example my real weakness is to handle some technical data and faces some problems in getting to solve issues about it. So discuss real weakness that will be plus point if you explain how to overcome it.This will help you to give more accurate job interview questions and answers if you are well prepared.

What your professor will say about you if I ask about your behavior?

You were not expecting this question that can give you a threat but if you already know about this question then prepare well and even try to ask your teachers for help about this situation if occurs.

I will suggest you to answer this question like this: “I am supremely confident that they are going to tell you that I am quite energetic and passionate about the job at hand. I could show you the letter of recommendation”.

What qualities do you have?

The candidate who has strong qualities in their field, he can dominate on other candidates because of these capabilities. Mostly candidates have weakness in their curriculum vitae because they can’t express their qualities properly.

This is the drawback of our educational system if we were getting low qualities during our initiative system so I will suggest expressing oral communication skills, strong analytical skills, writing skills, ability to work in team/group, management skills and leadership skills.

Mostly focus on leadership and what you have vision in future? You should answer him of completing high priority results and delivering tasks on time. You should give example of your true leader.

Where you heard about this position?

There are many ways to answer inquiries like this of about where you heard about this position

I heard about this company from my friend who is a current employ in this company. He was a previous co-worker with me in Hair and Lifestyle Company located in Network. I was so excited to apply in for this position because of vast experience in this position.

So after reviewing and complete research about this position I fulfill the application form. After selection procedure now I am giving interview for this position. I hope this will be best for me in future.

What Salary you are Looking for?

Don’t hesitate to answer this question because some time it looks like a tricky question but you should answer like this:

In previous company I was getting $40000 a year that was enough but after got a lot of experience from different companies now I would prefer to $60000 and $70000 a year However, I would be interested to talk more about salary if company offered me position then salary can be adjusted.

What Qualifications make you successful in this Position?

Describe your latest qualification regarding to your field including your practical work too. The sample answer is given below:

I have got full command on Auto-CAD, C++, computer programming etc and also have three years experience in related field. Also I have done sixth month diploma related to my field which is suitable for this position so it will give me right directions for steady promotions too.

Hope these job interview questions and answers are helpful for new readers whose are looking for these types of questions.

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