job interview questions and answers for fresh graduates 2017

It is not possible that every company will ask same job interview questions from newly job seekers because of different company formats, requirements and rules applied. That’s the main reason of our article to share some job interview questions asked from the interviewers during the breath-taken period of your life. These job interview questions depend upon different factors which show how you can qualify successfully in this job as compared to others. These factors are education, previous experience, character and the most powerful are your behavior and attitude. These 30 to 50 minutes will change your life so prepare well, get success. Here we are showing most common job interview questions that’s the interviewer wants to get exact answers from you.

job interview questions and answers for fresh graduates 2017

Job Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about Yourself

This is your first life changing question and one of the most important. In this question the interviewer is trying to ask about your highest qualifications, experience and achievements that you have got throughout the career. You can answer this question according to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) but don’t take more time and try to answer in less than 5 minutes. If you are going to answer this first time then probably focus on those areas of studies you have loved and you know better how to answer this. But we will suggest to your qualification and some achievements which will inspire him to change mind about you.

Why you are interested in this company?

Here the interviewer wants to know about the company how you got information and what you have skills to complete tasks on time.So answer this question according to research you have done during your study.Always try to show a positive mind about the company and show your interest in products and services they sell,buy or promote and if you explain why you are suitable for this job will led to a first step above.

Have you done this type of job before?

The interviewer is trying to know about your capability of doing work on time or you need some training to complete tasks on time. Our suggestion of saying “YES” to this question and try to explain that you have such type of experience before which will led to learn new job quickly. Key points to answer this are your past experience, education related to this field and some useful skills.

Job Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me the reason of leaving first Job

Sometimes people leave job because of low salary and go to company that offer some extra income as compared to first. However there are lot of reasons of leaving jobs. So don’t try to explain lot of about this question. Simply try to give some personal reasons of leaving previous job such as long distance, hospitality problems, and family issues and so on.

Tell me your expected salary

Try to leave this subject but if interviewer forced you to answer this then go to ask demand greater than your previous income. If you have mentioned your previous income already then interviewer will not ask it again. If you are first time then try to ask little pay not large.

Tell me how do you know about the company?

This question depends upon your capability to show him that you have done a lot of research about the company. Research should include company profile, market value, international demand of the company; products, services and other useful information. This will be plus point for your interview.

Do You have any other Skills?

If you have any other skills related to your job then feel free to discuss with him. This will be plus point for your interview. You can also tell him your hobbies also.

What about your future goals?

The purpose of this question from interviewer is to find out whether or not you will be a long term worker or whether or not you will use this job a first step proceeding to another objective. We will suggest you to assure him that you will be stay within the company to get huge experience and growth. So explain everything you want to do in future.

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