Top JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

These JavaScript interview questions are designed in such a way that they will fully prepared you for your interview. These JavaScript interview questions are very important that you can expect to come in your interview as well.

The job interviews might not be the good experience for some people because they couldn’t perform well in the interview their job interview might nervous them it is because they are not prepared well for their job interview and couldn’t guess the question the interviewer ask them.

You can do well in the JavaScript interview questions by practicing some of the JavaScript questions which could come in your interview. Smart job seekers prepare the questions which could help them during their interview and they perform well then other candidates because they have much more confidence than other people which are at the interview as they are ready in advance for their interview.

JavaScript interview questions

Introduce Yourself

This is the first question that is asked by every interviewer in every field you should prepare well in advance for this type of question so that you give your interview with much more confidence.

This JavaScript interview question seems to be simple, but it is not you should know the best way to answer this question because you can’t give the answer just like any other candidate.

When the interviewer ask you this question tell me about yourself he doesn’t mean that you start telling him the complete story of your whole life you should tell him something extra ordinary about yourself that makes you different from others.

You have to describe yourself in few lines you should give them some examples from your past job experience you should tell them about your skills to solve the problems tell them something that will explain your personality in few lines.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. This JavaScript is used on the web pages to create dynamic web pages this allows the client side script to interact with user side. This JavaScript is inserted into the HTML web pages that are understood by the web browser.

What Is the Difference between JavaScript and jscript?

Jscript is the programming language that is provided by the Microsoft this programming language is used in internet explorer. First, JavaScript was released by Netscape to be used on the web browser, then Microsoft created its own programming language to be used in its own web browser Microsoft change its name from JavaScript to jscript to avoid trademark issue.

How to Write Interview Question Example of JavaScript?

The interviewer might ask you to show him some examples written in JavaScript. This is the most obvious question that the interviewer might ask. The interviewer might ask this question to check how you know about JavaScript. It is the important question that you can expect to come in your interview as well.

  1. <scripttype=”text/javascript”>
  2. write(“JavaScript Interview Question!”);
  3. </script>

What is NAN Function?

It is the JavaScript programming function the interviewer manager might ask about the use of this function what is the purpose of this function when this function give true value and when the value is false. You should answer this question straightforward what you know about this function the answer to this function is

This is the function which determines whether the function is illegal function or it is a legal function. When the given number is an illegal function than it gives a false value and when the function is a legal function than it gives a true value.

What is BOM?

This is the one of the JavaScript interview question that the interviewing manager might ask from the candidate this question is related to JavaScript field if the interviewer ask this question from you, then you have to be as much realistic as you can. You can’t add something from your mind into this type of question you just have to tell everything you know about this question.

BOM is known as bill of materials. BOM provides the parts required to build the product it. It also provides MPN. MPN is the Manufacturer part number it provides MPN for every product build. BOM provides the quality needed to build the project. Read mre related articles

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