10 Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

In engineering sector, electrical is major field to explore your skills and other practical works if you done during education. Electrical Engineering Interview Questions are those questions where to get reach them is difficult for beginners and also some professionals too. Mostly interview questions are described according to your field work that’s the main reason you can’t give time to prepare your basics related to Subject.

Mostly interviewers disturb the candidates by asking some personal interview questions which are related to your character, your formal issues, background to check your capability of patience in uncertain conditions. Then there will be major part of Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and starts with your basics almost.

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

Do you know how Interviewers trap candidate? Here is the Answer: From Basic Questions. So First thing first, always focus on basic concepts while appearing for Electrical engineering’s interview questions.

These questions are surveyed from different candidates who faced these Electrical Engineering Interview Questions mostly on that point when they were not expecting such easy types of interview questions. Here are some basic interview questions for your preparation:

  1. AC systems are preferred our DC systems, Why?

AC systems are always preferred our DC systems due to following reasons:

  1. It is comparatively much easy to change frequency, voltage and other electrical values in AC systems.
  2. DC Equipment used in DC systems i.e. Circuit breakers, Isolators, Transformer etc. is much expensive then AC transmission and distribution equipment.
  3. What is application of Differential amplifier?

Differential amplifiers compares two different voltage inputs such that their difference is carried forward and amplified. One of the main purposes of performing this type of function through this specific circuit is to eliminate noise in circuits.

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

  1. Why do we have to use star delta starter with Induction motor?

Starting current in induction motors is normally 3.5 times greater than normal current. Such high current could burn the winding of motor, therefore star delta starter is used which reduces the initial current by operating the motor initially through Star connection circuit and then shifting the Motor to Delta connection circuit.

  1. What kind of cable is used in transmission and distribution?

There are three kind of cables used during transmission and distribution; Super Tension cables are used to transmit voltages up to 66000 Volts (66KV) and 132000 volts (132KV).

High Tension Cables are used when transmission voltages are less than 23000 Volts. Third category is Low tension cables, such cables can transmit up to 1000 Volts.

  1. How can we cancel the effect of Regenerative power?

Inductive loads generate regenerative power towards Power Source. When it happens, Power source has to exert more force in sending power to Load end which is obviously loss of energy. We can cancel the effect of this inductive load (lagging power) by adding equivalent Capacitor banks (leading power) in the circuit.

  1. Give examples of Resistive, Inductive and capacitive loads

Incandescent light bulb and electric heaters are common resistive loads. Motors, Transformers are inductive loads. Capacitor banks and synchronous motors are capacitive loads. This is one of the easiest questions from Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and should be answered well giving some examples if you can.

  1. What are the types of Losses in Transformers?

Basically, there are two types of losses in transformer; Constant losses (Iron Losses) and Variable losses (Copper). During no load conditions or as long as supply voltage, frequency are Constant these losses remain constant. Constant losses (Iron losses) include Hysteresis losses and Eddy Current losses.

The Second type of loss, as mentioned, is Variable Losses (Copper Losses). Copper Losses appear during loading conditions when Current flows through primary and secondary windings, as loading conditions vary, they are known as variable losses.

  1. What are the types of DC Motors?

This is a short question so try to give answer in just few words instead of taking more time. Only tell the name of the Motors not whole explanation about Motors.

  1. Shunt Motors b. Service Motors c. Compound Motors

    9.Why current passes through inductor?

As we know that when current passes in the coil, it produces a magnetic field across the coil and represent Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic induction. According to Faraday’s, the time varying magnetic field induces a voltage so energy is stored in the inductor.

  1. How to reduce corona effect?

Corona effect depends on the radius of the conductor and its amplitude. Corona effect can be decreased by decreasing radius of the conductor and its amplitude. Must use hallow and bundled conductors to reduce this effect. If you gave more spacing between conductors, this can decrease this effect.

So these Electrical Engineering Interview Questions will satisfy to fulfill your requirements you are looking for and we hope for your best in the future.

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